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Airplanes For Breakfast
      Airplanes For Breakfast - Ross says "Flying was as different from today as driving a horse and buggy, compared to driving the modern car"    

By Nola Mae McFillen Ross
Designed by Michelle Leger & Tricia Dew
Photos by Harold Mangum & Brian McCain

From the 40's to the mid 80's, Nola Mae McFillen Ross was a commercial pilot and part of the operation of McFillen Air Park; a small Grassroots airport in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Ross describes in this book the escapades and adventures of pilots who flew at McFillen Air Park.  Ross says "Flying was as different from today as driving a horse and buggy, compared to driving the modern car".  Rules and regulations were whatever the pilots deemed best. Small airports gave pilots a chance to fulfill their dreams, break the surly bonds of earth, and soar off into the uncharted, uncluttered sky.
"But the day of the little Grassroots airport is gone forever".  The old grass runways have been replaced with miles of cold, hard concrete in the midst of cows and wide-open pastures.  Planes with electronic gear are now so computerized that the pilots of the old Cubs, which had no lights, starters, or radios and almost no instruments at all, can only stand and gaze in wonder.
"So for those who never experienced pioneer aviation, this book paints a picture of how flying used to be and of the many escapades that took place on the typical small airports."

PRICE : $ 20.00

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